I would just like to say that every time you show up on my dashboard I tear up a little. Fruits Basket was there for me through a really tough time and seeing all these characters SURVIVE all their pain and suffering really got to me. I'm still amazed at what they all went through and how they were all able to smile again. I hate it when people think Tohru is stupid just because she's nice because she's such an amazing person. She was able to see the good in everyone. Sorry this was so long.

-C & J

Whats the sons name? Do you know by any chance?

[Potential Spoiler Commentary] We don’t believe their son’s name was given in either Fruits Basket or Hoshi wa Utau.

-C & J

Im rereading the series and i cant help but feel that theres a lot of heavy handed foreshadowing in the first book(s) and now I'm having a feels storm again bc it was always going to be Tohru's goal to (spoilers) break the curse and be with kyou

C: I love rereading the series! Every time, I always catch something I missed before that makes the story that much more interesting. :)