Hey~ I love your blog. This might not be a serious question but, why the heck does Haru Turn into a female cow when he gets hugged be the opposite sex, and not a male cow, a bull. XD please give me your thoughts about this, lol

C: [Potential Spoiler Commentary] I literally know nothing about bulls and oxen (even though I have an extensive cow collection with stuffed animals and other memorabilia), so I looked up a bit about black and white ones. Haru’s form isn’t necessarily a female cow. Here is a picture of a Holstein Friesian bull that looks remarkably like him (his name is Pierre!). Here is article about the difference between bulls and oxen, but there seems to be disagreement in the comments about what constitutes a bull as opposed to an ox. I’m not an expert in this field, and I don’t know if Takaya did a lot of research on the subject before drawing Haru’s animal form.

Perhaps Takaya designed him to be a smaller than a normal ox (just as Hatori’s seahorse is a smaller form of the dragon), because the curse has slowly weakened over the centuries? Kureno was also a sparrow instead of a rooster. None of the other Sohmas mention that Haru’s form is different from his predecessors, so this might have been going on for awhile in the family. Or this could just be how Takaya wanted it from the beginning. There hasn’t been much of an explanation of Haru’s form, and we only see him transformed for a few panels out of the entire series. After initially seeing a transformation or two of each character, the Zodiac animals aren’t the focus of the story. We are mostly focused on the people and the curse that chains them together. I hope this is somehow helpful! :)

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